Electrical wiring is the nervous system of any home or business. It keeps us safe, comfortable, and functional. As important as proper electrical wiring is, it often gets overlooked because we can’t see it. Older buildings with outdated wiring can’t function properly and can even be dangerous. Whether you need a wiring inspection to see if your wiring is up to date for your needs or a wiring upgrade, Get Volts® has you covered.

Aluminum Wiring

In the 1960s and 1970s, home builders used aluminum wiring, however, the wiring was later tied to fire hazards as electrical systems in homes began to age. Because aluminum wiring shrinks and expands, its connections can loosen over time and lead to sparks and overheating. Get Volts® has upgraded countless aluminum wiring homes over the years. 

  • Copper Wiring 

If your home has aluminum wiring, the first and most common solution is a complete rewiring of your home. Your aluminum wiring will be replaced with much safer and effective copper wiring. 

  • Pig Tailing 

When complete rewiring is not an option, pig tailing is the next best solution. Pig tailing is the process of connecting the end of every aluminum wire in a home to a copper wire strand using a special connector. Pig tailing modernizes aluminum wiring enough to pass most local codes inspections. 

Why Rewire Your Home?

If you’re hoping to sell your home, buy an older home, or expand your current home, rewiring can bring a lot of benefits in terms of safety value and functionality. 

Hot Tub & Pool Rewiring

Nothing brings comfort and relaxation to a home like a hot tub and pool. The wiring, to many homeowner’s surprise, can be very complicated. If not done correctly, it can be frustrating and dangerous. The Get Volts® electricians can take care of all your pool and spa wiring.

Home Remodeling Wiring

When you’re upgrading your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room, you often need new wiring. Maybe you’re adding a kitchen island and would like to have outlets on it. Maybe your bathroom has outlets in places that aren’t functional, and you want to move them. Perhaps you’re adding an entertainment center to the basement and want your wiring to be concealed within the walls and organized properly. Whatever your remodeling project may be, Get Volts® can help!

Commercial and Industrial Wiring 

Commercial and industrial wiring requires entirely different wires, training, and certifications. The Get Volts® master electricians have the training and experience to help with a number of commercial and industrial wiring and re-wiring projects.

  • 120 208 Volt Systems
  • 277 480 Volts Systems
  • Three-phase and Single Phase
  • Medium Voltage up to 600 volts