Electrical Installations & Upgrades

Electrical installations and upgrades can transform your home or business to a more energy-efficient and safer environment. Whether it’s a panel installation or upgrade, a surge protection installation, or are ready to add solar panels, Get Volts® is ready to help.  

Electrical Panel Installation and Upgrades

Your electrical panel regulates the electricity powering your home or business. If too much electricity is demanded on a circuit, a circuit breaker is tripped in the electrical panel to stop the electricity from overloading the wiring. An overload can cause a fire, so it’s the job of the electrical panel to break the circuit and regulate the electricity in the system to keep your home or business safe. 

Signs You May Need an Upgraded Electrical Panel 

  • Your panel is more than 25 years old 
  • You see corrosion and rust on circuit breakers 
  • You hear crackling sounds from the electrical panel 
  • Your breakers keep popping off 
  • Your appliances are running at less than full power 

Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Electric Panel 

If you have an FPE panel, you need to replace it immediately.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission classified this panel as a safety defect warranting a new electrical panel. These panels, installed in homes between 1950 and 1980, have design and manufacturing defects that can cause fires and electric shocks.

Surge Protection Installation

There are several sources of power surges. They can originate from outside during power grid switching and overvoltages on utility lines, or from inside when turning on and off large appliances. Although large power surges from sources such as lightning and downed power lines are fairly uncommon, small power surges occur every single day the electrical system is used. These small but frequent power surges can deteriorate electronic items and shorten their lifespans.

Fast, short-duration electrical transients (overvoltages) are caused by:

  • Lighting strikes 
  • Power outages 
  • Tripped circuit breakers 
  • Short circuits 
  • Power transition on a power line 
  • Inductive spikes 

Whole-house or business surge protection devices (SPDs) are the best defense against power surges of any strength. We will connect it to your electric service box during the installation process. A surge protector keeps your home safe and your business from experiencing costly downtime. 

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Installation

Electricity is a crucial part of our home and business life. When the power goes out, our computers and other critical electrically run devices and appliances that we rely on stop working. A UPS power supply allows you to continue your work, save important documents, and protect your food supply. A UPS power supply is a power protection device specially designed to regulate power and supply power when the grid is down. 

  • Protect against power outages 
  • Protects against power variances 
  • Protects valuable data 
  • Eliminate costly downtime 

Generator Installations

Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Making sure your home or business is prepared for storms or power outages with a generator allows uninterrupted heating, cooling, and electricity. We understand a backup generator is a major investment, so our master electricians take the time to go over your options and the installation in detail, so you have the information to make the best decision for your home or business.

  • Safely and efficiently run your entire home in the event of an emergency or power outage 
  • Operates and kicks on when you’re home or away 
  • Automatically shut off when utility power returns 
  • Operates on existing natural gas hookups – no need to refuel 
  • Discrete design sits outdoors like a central AC unit

Solar Power Installations

How much money will you save by going solar? Adding a home solar energy system to your home or business can save you tens of thousands of dollars. 

  • Cash Rebates – Benefit from Federal Tax Credits and Local Incentives 
  • Lower Energy Bills – Collect, store, and use free solar power 
  • Make Money – Receive a monthly payment from your utility company
  • Be Prepared – Extra energy during blackouts 
  • Home Value – Increase your property value 
  • Environmentally Friendly – Reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact 

The Get Volts® electricians will guide you through the solar design and installation process to maximize your energy efficiency and savings.