Keeping the lights on in warehouses, industrial plants, and even office complexes keep commerce rolling. It’s critical that lights stay in tip-top operational condition to avoid costly downtime and mitigate safety issues. Get Volts® makes your electrical maintenance needs easy. We keep your systems in working order, up to code, and do everything from emergency repair and replacement to designing new systems for energy efficiency.

HOA and Property Managers

Partner with Get Volts® to ensure quick installations, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance. From large multi-family apartment complexes to rental houses, condos, and townhomes. When a tenant has an electrical issue, you want to ensure it gets taken care of right away. When you partner with Get Volts®, you can take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Maintenance

If you run a factory, data center, restaurant, or any business having an electrical maintenance partner ensures your lights and equipment are running when you need them most. Prolonged electrical system or equipment downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and opportunity. 

The Get Volts® Proactive Electrical Maintenance Service Agreement

Get Volts® makes it easy with our service agreement. We can tailor an agreement that is customized to meet your unique needs. Some customers utilize us as their emergency electricians that are always on call. Other customers have us perform regular maintenance checks and lighting replacements as needed. 

There are a number of unexpected electrical-related issues you may face that can be covered in your maintenance service agreement:

  • Service for voltage regulators, panels, and transformers 
  • Overcurrent protection 
  • Grounding systems 
  • Wiring distribution and terminations issues 
  • Service for Arc Fault Circuit Breakers and Ground Fault Circuit Breakers 
  • Lamp and Ballast Replacement 
  • Rewiring for the relocation of equipment  
  • Electric troubleshooting and fault finding 
  • Generator issues 
  • EM light checks 
  • Parking lot lighting 

24/7 Emergency Service

Power outages and electrical emergencies don’t have a schedule. We know that when the power goes out, your home and business are immediately faced with security risks and other issues that need to be remedied ASAP. When you take advantage of our maintenance service agreement, we start by reviewing your current electrical configuration to identify problems before they occur. We establish an emergency backup plan so that you don’t lose data, productivity, or tenants because of system failures.