When was the last time you had your home electrical system inspected by a licensed and trained electrician? Many homeowners can’t remember ever having it done. The National Fire Protection Association recommends an annual inspection of your electrical system and components. Aside from ensuring your home or business has a system that functions optimally, it ensures safety. 

When Do You Need a Home Electrical Inspection?

  • If your home has undergone a renovation  
  • If your home was previously owned 
  • If your home is older than 10 years and never been inspected 
  • Your lights flicker or dim occasionally 
  • Your circuit breakers or fuses trip or blow often 
  • Outlets and light switch faceplates are discolored from heat and hot to the touch 

What Will You Learn From an Electrical Inspection?

A professional electrical inspection will tell you more than you may realize about your home.  Answers to all of the following will be provided: 

  • Does your home have a power supply that’s adequate for your appliances and HVAC system?
  • Are your electrical panels labeled correctly and in safe working order? 
  • Is your electrical panel free of rust, corrosion, and pitting from overheating? 
  • Are your circuits properly protected with the right size circuit breakers and up to code? 
  • Are all wires properly terminated in your panel to ensure proper operating temperatures.? 
  • Are all of your outlets working optimally? 
  • Do you have a safe and proper grounding system to protect your home, appliances, and family?

The 4 Most Important Reasons to Get an Electrical Safety Inspection

  1. People Protection: A faulty socket or damaged electric cord can lead to electrical shocks.   
  2. Peace of Mind: Know that your home’s electrical wiring is up to date and free from any electrical defects that pose potential hazards. 
  3. Fire Prevention: Electrical fires are one of the top contributors to house fires. A safety inspection checks for signs of electrical hazards and makes sure your circuits aren’t overloaded.  
  4. Home Insurance: Your home insurance provider may request an electrical safety assessment prior to renewing your insurance, which can save you money on your policy rates. 

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Inspections

Get Volts® can inspect and audit any commercial or industrial facility. In addition to comprehensive inspections, we can perform load bank tests on your UPS systems to eliminate costly operational downtime.

Load Bank Tests 

Used to test your UPS and generator to ensure they are working properly and are ready to deploy when you need them most. The test will check your UPS batteries and battery sets to ensure the cells are holding their charge or approaching the end of life and about to fail.

Load Bank Testing for Generators will indicate: 

  • The ability of the engine to provide the required power 
  • That capability of the alternator to provide voltage stability for the system
  • The efficiency of control systems under different conditions 
  • Stable frequency 
  • Oil and fuel pressure